College Counseling

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SAT Prep Program
College Essays Coaching


Analyze Your Career Planning

  • Assess Your Personality and Life Values, Goals.
  • Determine High School course Load, How many AP or IB tests to take, and similar academic questions
  • Review of NUMBERS: High School transcripts, and Standardized Test Scores (SAT, ACT, and PSAT), their relative importance in college admissions, Guidance on Standardized Test preparation.
  • Explore Extracurricular Activities and Interests, Awards, Competitions (AMC, Siemens, Intel Science, Olympiads). Developing a plan for activities to pursue, demonstrate an interest/passion.
  • Assessment of your particular high school’s resources and how best to make use of them.
  • Suggestions for pursuing opportunities outside of your high school (bitWise Academy).

Sophomores and Juniors

  • Assistance with applications to summer programs, contests, and internships as appropriate. Activity time management, Summer Opportunities, Internships.
  • For students interested in athletic recruitment, assistance with contacting college coaches.
  • Initial development of list of colleges to research and visit.
  • Advice about how to make the most of your college visits.
  • Finding a good college fit based on the student personality, scores, and interest.
  • Answer parent questions related to admissions, financial aid, and long-term career prospects.


  • Review of high school transcripts, standardized test scores (SAT), extracurricular activities, and interests.
  • Review and editing of multiple essay drafts, including detailed feedback that improves both the quality of the writing and how well the essays convey your personality.
  • Suggest and assist with picking instructors for Letters of Recommendation.
  • Development of list of prospective colleges in the course of in-depth discussions about your desires, accomplishments, and goals.
  • Assistance with senior year course selection, with an eye to your current college aspirations; homework and activity time management guidance.
  • Discussion of if, where, and how to apply “early” to a college.
  • Careful review of admission requirements at each college to which you are applying; development of timetable for completing application components.
  • Assistance and guidance in FAFSA application.
  • Assistance with navigating being “deferred” in a college’s early applicant pool.
  • Assistance with navigating being placed on a college’s waitlist.