Music is a universal language and evidence pointing to better productivity, academic performance, smartness (IQ), improved temporal/spatial skills, and general well being have surfaced time and again with even elementary music education. With improving reach, access, and quality in music education we can expect to take a notch up to an entire generation. Read more….

What is Musicianship?

  • Strong technical skills to execute any piece of music
  • Ability to read and interpret music compositions
  • To improvise and create music
  • Growing in multiple dimensions as a complete musician

Karl Lutchmayer, a much-revered concert pianist and former Professor of Music at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, says, students need to develop beyond a cycle that involves playing three pieces a year, to understand the breadth and depth of music. The Manoké Benchmark Analytical Framework TM (MBAF) underpins all of the curriculum, designed by experts, offered on the Manoké platform. It is designed to develop complete musicianship in students at all levels.

How Manoké makes
online music learning

Today technology plays a key role in education, in the classroom or online. However, online music tutoring, especially learning to play an instrument is particularly challenging given the physicality of the process. A 360o visual observation and guidance is required for the student in order to inculcate the correct techniques and habits. Many music teachers are also not very familiar with digital technologies and methods.

With Manoké, the teachers can focus on their content, personalize it to the needs of each and every student by including videos, audio, notes or transcriptions and use the MBAF metrics to guide the student through the lessons. Besides the secure communication platform and the video conferencing tools embedded within the bitWise platform makes the teacher’s job seamless and efficient.

Why parents like Manoké?

One of the main challenges for parents who enrol their children in music classes (online or in-person) is the lack of transparency, understanding the expected outcomes and tracking the progress of their wards on a periodic basis. With Manoké courses all outcomes, both at a macro (performance) level and at a micro (skill) level are clearly spelled out. The teachers regularly will share feedback vis-a-vis the MBAF framework that makes it easy for parents to understand the progress and anticipate the outcomes.

Music is a group activity

While learning the basic technical, auditory and playing skills can be largely done in isolation, most music is performed in a group (an ensemble or orchestra) and students should be able to develop abilities to play along with other instrumentalists. Students should also develop creative and collaborative skills. Manoké provides the platform and the tools for the students to play along and practice until perfect.